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Cloudshead Worldheart

A fairy tale by Lampithaler


In the end,
we will know more 
 and can only marvel.

Cloudshead Worldheart“ is a fairy tale written by you, which is being constructed in the Pangea Grid as two interactive sims. There, the tale will be unveiled chapter by chapter on the two Cloudshead Worldheart sims at intervals, and every visitor to Cloudshead Worldheart in the Pangea Grid will have the opportunity to become part of the story. Starting from mid-April 2024, the first revised chapters of Cloudshead Worldheart will open to all visitors of the Open Sim. An incredibly exciting journey begins! I am delighted with everyone who embarks on this adventure, on the quest for truth. In the end, we will know more and can only marvel.

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Cloudshead Worldheart is a fairy tale by Lampithaler.

Every fairy tale carries the spark 
within that makes both the good and the evil visible

The story begins in Cluain Meala, also known as Clonmel, an idyllic Irish town. Here lives the cheerful Neils O’Sullivan, affectionately called „Little Cloudshead.“ Neils loves people, but he loves animals even more, sharing a special bond with them.

But one day, dark clouds gather over Clonmel, the sun disappears, people become lazy and mean, and the animals fall silent. A voice warns them that their greed and ingratitude are the cause of their suffering. Only a pure heart can find the truth and dispel the darkness.

Bravely, Little Cloudshead sets out to find the truth and banish the darkness. A great adventure begins…

„At the place where the wise white witch and young Neils O’Sullivan meet, the whispers of justice resound, banishing defeat.“

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