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The story begins in Cluain Meala, also known as Clonmel, an Irish town located in southern County Tipperary.
Clonmel, an idyllic place where everyone knows every local and people from all over the world meet to trade together. Where the river Suir meanders gently and picturesquely through the town, having previously joined the two rivers Aherlow and the Tar. Where later on its way in the north of the city of Waterford it unites with the rivers Nore and Barrow to form a mighty stream, which is then called by everyone „The Three Sisters“ and finally flows into the Celtic Sea.
This is also where little Neils O’Sullivan lives with his family, affectionately called the Little Cloudhead by everyone.
The marketplace of Clonmel, the heart of this wonderful metropolis, is considered a meeting place for locals, newcomers and many visitors.
And once a year, the well-known and popular Apple Blossom Festival takes place, where people eat, drink, dance and trade together….

At the end of each Apple Blossom Festival, which was always rung at midnight with a mighty chime from the top of the church, it was traditional for all the visitors to the Apple Blossom Festival to gather in a circle around a large fire, where the old and wise men of the town then told the legendary story of Aiden, a farm boy who once went out accompanied by an owl to find the truth and has never been seen since, neither in Ireland nor anywhere else in the world.
This story touched everyone in Clonmel, as an everyman knew Aiden well and no one could explain what exactly happened that night when the whole town was looking for him. Even in the weeks and months that followed, they continued to search without success.
Allegedly, he was seen later in France, according to one of the old and wise men, but he would not elaborate when asked who might have seen him and where it was.
It almost seemed that he knew more, but still insisted on telling the story as it was already known to everyone.
For most people it was enough to remember Aiden through the story of the old and the wise, because they had given up the search for him long ago and buried the hope that he was still alive.
Only the father of Neils O’Sullivan had no doubt that little Aiden was still alive.

But the old and wise men would not allow Mister O’Sullivan to add his story to theirs, which was soon to be avenged, for this year’s Apple Blossom Festival was also the day Aiden disappeared exactly 1,000 days ago, and on the evening of his disappearance an old, hunchbacked woman suddenly moved into Conmel, and has since lived in seclusion in a little cottage down by the river……

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