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"At the place where the wise white witch and young Neils O’Sullivan meet, the whispers of justice resound, banishing defeat."

Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled among the rolling hills, there lived a curious boy named Neils. Neils, with his bright eyes and adventurous spirit, embarked on a journey in search of truth. Along his path, he encountered many whom he had always regarded as friendly companions.

However, to his dismay, Neils soon discovered a darker side to some of these seemingly amiable acquaintances. Envy, like a venomous serpent, lurked within their hearts, poisoning their every action. Neils witnessed firsthand how these envious souls, blinded by their own desires, would ruthlessly stab those already burdened with sorrow, driving their toxic daggers of envy deeper into wounded spirits.

Shocked by the cruelty and cowardice he witnessed, Neils sought counsel from Ortilia, the wise white witch of the woods. With trembling voice, he poured out his heart, recounting the tales of betrayal and malice.

Ortilia, her eyes reflecting the wisdom of centuries past, listened intently to Neils’s tale. With a solemn nod, she uttered words of both warning and reassurance. „Fear not, young Neils, for the universe holds its own scales of justice. Those who sow seeds of envy shall reap a bitter harvest. What they have done in envy shall return to them, magnified and multiplied.“

And so, with the weight of Ortilia’s words upon his shoulders, Neils continued his journey, his resolve strengthened by the knowledge that while envy may sow seeds of discord, the hand of karma ensures that justice prevails in the end………